Midnight Riders

Privacy is a human fight. Special exclusive this weekend for the finale of Dirtcoin Diaries.

Join host, Christopher Carrion for the last meetup of season 1. This week, we’ve got not one, but two founders of Samourai Wallet. A very rare appearance scheduled and they’ve got a message for bitcoiners.

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Whirlpool Party: Afterhours

When the livestream ends, Dirtcoin Afterhours begins. 

No agenda. Open mic. Join the audience on Telegram. Enjoy this special release of our raw, post-stream conversation with bitcoiner.guide help mogul, BitcoinQ+A.

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Whirlpool Party

Now that we’ve got the basics, this week we get the payoff. Coinjoin or die at the next Dirtcoin Diaries meetup. Back from break with a bang to cut through the bullshit.

Bitcoin novice, Christopher Carrion hosts the next installment in our beginner friendly meetup series. This week we’re joined by bitcoiner.guide help mogul, BitcoinQ+A. Join us poolside with your questions about coinjoins as we dive into the popular privacy technique.

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TXs Are Forever

This week we’re talking about coin control and why its critical to using bitcoin privately.

Join Bitcoin novice Christopher Carrion for the third installment in our beginner friendly meetup series. This week, longstanding privacy advocate and Mamushi Founder, MaxTannahill is stopping by. Bring your questions for open Q&A as we dig into coin control and what it all means for privacy.

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