A crowdfunded campaign to signal the end of life for common input ownership heuristics.

Organized by 🕵️‍♀️

Distribute heuristic breaking txs

Work together to contaminate common input ownership heuristics used by chain analysis. Help improve Bitcoin privacy by paying mining fees to pollute the transaction graph with a 1 satoshi Stowaway payment.


Answer the call

  1. 1

    Find Partner

    Locate a partner and follow each others PayNyms. A commit tx is not required.

  1. 2

    Pollute Graph

    Send 1 sat using Soroban Stowaway to the Paynym of your choosing.

  1. 3

    Submit Signature

    Sign a default message using the change output from your 1 sat send and submit.

  1. 4


    Get multiple entries and compete for prizes by completing the most Stowaways.



PayNym with most verified submissions
  • Foundation Passport
  • Mamushi Google Pixel w/Copperhead
  • Ronin Node
  • Kiboruto steel backup
  • CypherSafe CypherWheel
  • Coldbit Steel - Samourai edition
  • BitLaunch $100 credit
  • WORDS $50 Bitcoin voucher
  • Coldbit 6mo MullvadVPN credit
  • Samourai dice
  • Samourai hoodie
  • BitcoinEnemies merit badge


1 verified submission = 1 entry
  • Foundation Passport
  • Kiboruto steel backup
  • CypherSafe steel recovery tag
  • BitLaunch $75 credit
  • WORDS $50 Bitcoin voucher
  • GigaBit $50 Bitcoin voucher
  • Coldbit 3mo MullvadVPN credit
  • Samourai dice
  • Samourai hoodie


Participant prize pool
  • Coldbit 1mo MullvadVPN credit (x21)
  • Samourai hoodies (x4)
  • CypherSafe steel recovery tags (x3)
  • Stackbit 1248 steel backup (x2)
  • Samourai tees (x2)
  • CryptoCloaks Grenade
  • Coldbit Steel - Samourai edition
  • Ronin case
  • GigaBitcoin $50 Bitcoin voucher
  • Kiboruto steel backup
  • Guns 'N Bitcoin hat
  • HeadyTieDyes tee
  • Samourai dice

Frequently asked

  1. Why send 1 satoshi?

    This allows us to pollute the transaction graph with on-chain payments below the dust limit, while also reducing the incentive to steal.

  1. What is a PayNym?

    A PayNym helps generate unique unused bitcoin addreses using BIP47 payment codes. It does this without revealing prior transaction or balance history. Claim yours here.

  1. What is Stowaway?

    A Stowaway looks like an ordinary transaction. The actual amount sent is concealed. To send a Stowaway, the receiver must collaborate in the transaction.

  1. What is Soroban?

    Soroban allows you to easily collaborate online with a Cahoots peer. This eliminates the need for exchanging QR codes to construct and broadcast peer collaborated transactions.

  1. How to sign?

    Long tap wallet balance to load UTXO management screen. Select change output received from 1 sat send. Tap 'Sign Message' and select yes. Copy and upload to

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