Whirlpool Party

Now that we’ve got the basics, this week we get the payoff. Coinjoin or die at the next Dirtcoin Diaries meetup. Back from break with a bang to cut through the bullshit.

Bitcoin novice, Christopher Carrion hosts the next installment in our beginner friendly meetup series. This week we’re joined by bitcoiner.guide help mogul, BitcoinQ+A. Join us poolside with your questions about coinjoins as we dive into the popular privacy technique.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • What is a coinjoin? Why should I care?
  • What is forward privacy? Does coinjoin erase KYC?
  • Are coinjoins helpful for all bitcoin users? Why make every spend a coinjoin?
  • Are there any disadvantages or risks to coinjoins? What are common coinjoin fuck ups?
  • What coinjoin implementations exist? Which is best?
  • What is a TX0? How does that differ from a peeling chain?
  • How does Whirlpool differ from Stonewall?
  • What is post-mix spending? What can I do with mixed coins?
  • How to manage coinjoins and cold storage?

Whirlpool Party Series

Whirlpool Party
Whirlpool Party: Afterhours

APR 24 @ 1600 UTC

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