TXs Are Forever

This week we’re talking about coin control and why its critical to using bitcoin privately.

Join Bitcoin novice Christopher Carrion for the third installment in our beginner friendly meetup series. This week, longstanding privacy advocate and Mamushi Founder, MaxTannahill is stopping by. Bring your questions for open Q&A as we dig into coin control and what it all means for privacy.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • What is a UTXO?
  • What is coin control? How does it help me use bitcoin privately?
  • How do I manage UTXOs? What are the best wallets to use?
  • What are good coin control habits?
  • What is a spending algorithm?
  • Do single UTXO spends help my privacy?
  • What are sure fire fuck ups when it comes to coin control?
  • Why does it matter today? Don’t boating accidents fix this?
  • What is Know-Your-Transaction (KYT)?

TXs Are Forever Series

TXs Are Forever
TXs Are Forever: Afterhours

APR 10 @ 1600 UTC

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