Taking the Red

Join us this week on Dirtcoin Diaries to find out where rubber hits the road on reclaiming your on-chain privacy.

Join Bitcoin novice Christopher Carrion for the second installment in our beginner friendly meetup series. This week, we’re joined by BTCxZelko and RoninDojo. Bring your questions for open Q&A as we dig into taking action on privacy, and what you need to get started.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • Why can’t privacy wait?
  • What are my options to take control today?
  • What separates Dojo from the rest?
  • Do I have to run Dojo? What if I use Samourai servers?
  • What are the easiest ways to get my own Dojo?
  • What are common challenges new Dojo users face?
  • What is Ronin Dojo? How is that different?
  • What is a larp and why is red wallet so mean?

APR 03 @ 1600 UTC

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Dirtcoin Diaries is a Bitcoin privacy meetup on Telegram voice. Join us for ClubCountry every Saturday at 1700 UTC and subscribe to Dirtcoin for upcoming feature meetups. Organized by biTcOinEneMiEs, hosted by you.

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