Slingin’ Hash

Dirtcoin returns from break with a barnburner on mining in the streets. Join our open conversation with the infamous garage band mining duo.

Christopher Carrion hosts another beginner friendly meetup at BitcoinEnemies. This week we’re talking mining as a privacy tool and we’ve got both guys you want to hear from. Burn The Bridge’s Econoalchemist returns alongside FreedomTech aficionadoDiverter.

  • What is the ethos of a garage band miner in the streets?
  • What makes mining a great privacy tool?
  • Does it make sense to mine at a loss? How likely is that?
  • How does mining compare in cost and effort to other bitcoin accumulation methods?
  • How does mining compare in privacy to other bitcoin accumulation methods?
  • What can go wrong? What are the risks of mining? How do you manage them?
  • What are other major considerations of garage band mining and the pros and cons involved?
  • What are the obvious fuckups to avoid?
  • Is this something for novices? What skills do you need?
  • What goes into the daily running and maintaining of this equipment?
  • How do I get started? What do I need and where do I find it?

Slingin’ Hash Series

Slingin’ Hash
Slingin’ Hash: Afterhours

MAY 22 @ 1600 UTC

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