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Freedom tech this week on Dirtcoin Diaries. Jim’s dad is stopping by for a broader discussion on protecting your neck.

Bitcoin novice, Christopher Carrion hosts this weeks beginner friendly meetup. Privacy advocate and User of the ToolsDiverter returns for an in-depth conversation on privacy when bitcoin alone won’t do.

  • What kind of information does the average person give up online?
  • What does the aggregate of this collected information look like? How much do they have on me and who has it?
  • How does this information fall into the hands of criminals? How valuable is it?
  • I have nothing to hide, what are the risks of not being diligent about privacy? How could it be used against me in unexpected ways?
  • How does owning KYC coin play into this? Does it amplify any risks?
  • For the average person, what information should we strive to protect most?
  • Where can I get the biggest privacy gains for the least effort?
  • What is self hosting and who tf is uncle Jim?
  • Can I handle this shit? What are the tradeoffs of self hosting?
  • How does it compare to running a node?
  • What goals should I aim for when self hosting?

Nothing to Share Series

Nothing to Share
Nothing to Share: Afterhours

MAY 29 @ 1600 UTC

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