Cahoots Camp

Back to fucking with chain spies this weekend. Join us to learn about spending bitcoin privately and the essential tools needed.

Bitcoin novice, Christopher Carrion hosts another episode of our beginner friendly meetup. This week, privacy advocate and Burn the Bridge writer, Econoalchemist is dropping in. Join us for a group discussion on spending bitcoin privately.

  • When I spend, what type of information is revealed? Whose watching it and what risks should I be aware of?
  • I have nothing to hide, why should I care?
  • Without special tools, what can I do right now to spend more privately? How can I fuck it up for sure?
  • How do different wallets approach this problem?
  • What are payjoins? What wallets offer them?
  • Wtf is Cahoots and all that other stuff? Stonewall? Stonewallx2? Stowaway? Ricochet?
  • How do PayNyms play into this?
  • What is Soroban and how has it changed the game?
  • What is post-mix spending? Should I treat it any differently than regular spending?
  • What other spending tools are there?
  • When is most appropriate to use the tools?

Cahoots Camp Series

Cahoots Camp
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May 8 @ 1600 UTC

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