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Get a fair mark and pay only 5%. Instantly buy up to $1K per transaction. Various payment methods and currencies available to BitcoinEnemies.

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Know Your Enemies

Enter Larp Lagoon, now available 24/7 on Telegram.
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    Install Telegram

    Install a client compatible with your device to use voice chat.

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    Join Larp Lagoon 🔊

    Join the BitcoinEnemies Telegram group.

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    Join Voice Chat

    Adjust your audio settings before joining. Use headphones as a courtesy to others.

Join Your Enemies


Join the BitcoinEnemies WOT team on Keybase. Subscribe to your favorite subchannels or make your own.

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Shrembot lists private OTC trades and peer coinjoin requests throughout Keybase. Add him to your team or send him a dm.

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Private Keybase subteam for graph pollution collusion.

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Private Keybase subteam for personal Bitcoin OTC trading.

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