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General conversation room


Collusion for graph pollution


Meet here for cahoots on Matrix


Collaborate on Bitcoin projects


Bitcoin markets & trading room

Q+A Zone

Ask questions and share knowledge

Bitcoin and Freedom Tech

Censorship resistance, privacy, and #usethetools

Mining for the Streets

Mining non-KYC corn and general garage banding

Print Guns Not Money

Guns, 3d printing, and personal protection

PGP for Y-O-U

Learn to use PGP. Post a pubkey and go!

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Dirtcoin Diaries

Weekly meetup hosted by Christopher Carrion. Join on Telegram or live on stream.

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Greta's Fury

A crowdfunded campaign to signal the end of life for common input ownership heuristics.

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PayNym Torch

See final results from the BitcoinEnemies 2020 PayNym Torch.

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