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24/7 Bitcoin meetup space. Contact for event announcements and inquiries.

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Live Voice Chat
It's hard to have meaningful conversations over text. Explore hard ideas in a far more conducive medium.
Learning Environment
A supportive and acccountable space to learn, challenge bias, and help others along their Bitcoin journey.
Build Relationships
Experience the person behind the keyboard. Network with active Bitcoiners. Forge stronger connections.

Choose your own adventure.

Topics and moderation policies are set on a room by room basis, as determined by its members. Whether you're a developer, a trader, a pleb, whatever... it doesn't matter. Welcome, this server is yours.
Free forever, there is no cost to participate.
Connect anytime, the server never sleeps.
Community owned, operated, and moderated.

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    Install Mumble

    Download and install a Mumble client compatible with your device.

    Download Mumble
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    Configure Mumble

    Set your audio input and output settings before you connect. As a courtesy to other members, please use headphones and enable push-to-talk.

  3. 3

    Connect to Server

    Using your Mumble client, connect to the server with default port settings.